Electrical Outlet Kits

Electrical socket outlets provide a convenient power source for small devices or equipment used within an Esco cabinet. Standards for voltages, frequencies, and plug configurations from around the world are supported. Outlets are mounted either on the sides, backs or ceilings of cabinets. Consult the detailed product description of an Esco product for drawings showing the predesigned location(s) for outlets.

Electrical Outlet Kits, North AmericaElectrical Outlet Kits


The Duplex GFCI Electrical Outlet and Japanese Duplex Electrical Outlet Kits must be factory fitted. The GFCI option is available for 115v 60Hz models only. The Japanese Duplex Electrical Outlet Kits are only available for products sold in Japan.

The "X" in the above Table is the code for the Electric outlet plug type desired and should be replaced with these order codes:

North America Order Code: A Australia Order Code: E
Continental Europe Order Code: C Switzerland Order Code: F
United Kingdom Order Code: D Israel Order Code: G
India Order Code: H Italy and Chile Order Code: J

Anatomy of Outlet Kit Catalog Numbers

Construction Type Codes for Electric Outlet Kits
P - Powder coated panel mounted single electric oultet kit for AVC, AHC, AC2, AC3 and PCR products.
S - Stainless steel panel mounted single electric outlet kit for AHS, LVC, LHC, RHL, AHW and AC2-S products.

Electric Outlet Kit Catalog Numbers for the following countries: North America Part Number: EO-GFCI:Duplex GFCI Electrical Outlet Kit with grey splash-proof cover, only available for North American power supply, 110-130VAC. Must be factory fitted.
Japan Part Number: EO-JP:Duplex Electrical Outlet Kit with grey splash-proof cover, only available for Japan power supply, 100-110VAC. Must be factory fitted.