Phase 3. Results, KI-Discus Containment Testing According to EN 12469:2000

Biological Safety Cabinets Video - The KI discus test is defined in the European Standard for microbiological safety cabinets, EN12469:2000 as a test method for validating the operator protection capabilities of the cabinet.The principle of the KI discus test is similar to that of the microbiological operator protection tests. In the KI discus test a "spinning disc" apparatus aerosolizes KI (potassium iodide) solution into very small fine particles. The spinning disc rotates at a very high speed (thousands of rpm) and liquid is continuously deposited onto its surface by a peristaltic pump, discharging millions of fine particles inside the work zone of the cabinet.The following videos show the three stages of the KI-discus test, setting up the KI-Discus appratus, testing (aerosol generation) and viewing the results. Each stage is further explained in the video captions. Esco currently employs the KI-discus containment test on all its Class II Biological Safety cabinets.For further information on KI-Discus and industry standards, visit the Technical papers and bulletins section of our website.