Esco is a progressive and established manufacturer of laboratory equipment that has been making “clean air” products for high tech industrial uses and the life sciences industry since 1978. Esco has sold more than 80,000 systems across the world over the past 35 years, has become a leader in the industry, has expanded the breadth of its product line to include temperature control devices (such as freezers and incubators) and more. The signature characteristics of the company are the high value of its systems, its customer service focus, product quality, and a commitment to working with its customers to develop systems that meet the market’s needs.


Esco’s full line of laboratory equipment combines high quality and a broad range of characteristics and capabilities with competitive pricing to deliver highly cost-effective equipment of the highest value in the market. Esco’s clean air and thermo-static systems contain features that the users deem important based on feedback received from its customers and others in the scientific field. The feature set on Esco’s equipment will compare favorably to their competitors’ more expensive equipment, resulting in higher value for your money. Esco can also add features and custom design systems at costs not achievable by other equipment companies. Getting systems of high quality and with more features at comparable prices make Esco’s products stand apart from the rest.


Our goal is to exceed our customers’ needs and expectations. The spirit of the company and the focus of our employees is to delight our customers. As a nimble, flexible and customer-oriented owned business of moderate size we can, and do, take the time to listen to our customers and offer the personal service and attention that larger companies can’t. For example, we are able to do modifications to customize our systems when possible to suit a customer’s requirements. We can ship systems to fill orders in half the time of most companies in the market because we build and distribute systems globally to be able to ship your system quickly. Our customer laud us for “going above and beyond” what is necessary, for communicating proactively, for being expert and consultative and for being highly and rapidly responsive when they need help, expertise or training.


Esco is expert and leading-edge in air-flow and isothermic instrumentation, thanks to feedback from our customers. The company is nimble and progressive, designing systems that meet market needs by following three important practices: 1) Ask the market for input; 2) Listen; 3) Design systems with that feedback in mind. While some companies stand still, Esco is dedicated to innovation, improvement, and moving forward. We respond rapidly to feedback because we are highly focused on these product realms and possess the ability to adapt quickly and cost-effectively. While many other companies assemble parts from third-party providers, we manufacture our systems from the ground up, further enabling our ability to respond rapidly to changing market needs. As a result, we have an extensive and growing range of systems which, thanks to our customers, is constantly improving. If you need a feature or capability, let us know. There is a greater chance that Esco will say, “Yes”.


Esco has been designing and manufacturing systems of World-Class Quality for 35 years. The company has sold more than 80,000 systems in more than 100 countries, making Esco a proven and market-leading provider of clean air and isothermic laboratory equipment. Esco’s knowledge and expertise in clean air technology are clearly reflected in the expertly designed, reliable and highly effective biosafety and laminar flow products which protect laboratory personnel and precious samples. Similarly, the company has applied its expertise in equipment design, development, and manufacture to create a whole new line of systems that includes isothermic systems and other equipment that delivers safety, integrity, and performance. Customers use Esco’s systems with confidence; Esco’s systems meet regulatory compliance, come with market leading multi-year warranties, and the company’s personnel are professional, knowledgeable and technically adept to be able to provide solutions for scientific challenges.

  • 35 years of experience producing high quality, reliable and time-tested systems
  • Quality, support, value and reliability: the key attributes of Esco’s laboratory equipment.
  • A world leader in laboratory equipment, Esco has been operating in the U.S. for more than 10 years