Products - Laboratory, Medical and Pharmaceutical Equipments


Esco is a leader in the manufacture of Lab Equipment market for Life Science research, offering a full line of products for protecting your personnel, precious samples and for other lab needs. Through communications with customers, Esco works to understand their needs and create systems to meet them; if requested, custom systems can be created. All this is done at cost-competitive prices, delivering the greatest value to its customers. Add a deep corporate commitment to customer success and nearly four decades of worldwide performance and you have the right company to meet your Lab Equipment needs.

BIOLOGICAL SAFETY CABINETS / LAMINAR FLOW CABINETSExperience Esco Safety.  Esco is a world-leading manufacturer of Biological Safety Cabinets and Laminar Flow Cabinets with tens of thousands of systems sold worldwide. We provide the best in customer service and use knowledge, based on 35 years of experience, to offer the industry's premier design and quality. By incorporating customer feedback, Esco is able to continuously innovate, design, and manufacture biological safety cabinets and laminar flow cabinets that have more features than any cabinets in their price range. Esco delivers the ultimate in safety at highly cost-effective pricing to suit any budget.

LAB ANIMAL RESEARCHEsco’s VIVA® Animal Containment Workstations offer decades of expertise in clean air technology to the animal research lab. Esco uses ULPA filters which are 10X more effective than HEPA filters. Optimal protection for your personnel and the laboratory environment: VIVA®

PCR CABINETSContamination control and PCR process repeatability are ensured with Esco’s PCR Cabinets. Each Esco PCR Cabinet offers the best laminar flow filter available in the world (ULPA with 99.9999% efficiency) to purge the work area of contaminants between amplifications and an integrated UV lamp which prevents cross-contamination. Esco PCR Cabinets offer premium sample protection for a price that is competitive with conventional "dead" air boxes. PROTECT YOUR PCR WITH ESCO CABINETS. 

POWDER WEIGHING BALANCE ENCLOSURE: The enclosure’s unique design maintains balance stability to 4 decimal places and provides optimal containment. It employs carefully directed inward airflow to protect the operator from exposure to hazardous powders while minimizing the effect that air drafts may have on sensitive weighing balances. 

COMPOUNDING EQUIPMENT: Esco’s systems include a complete range of barrier isolators, NSF listed biological safety cabinets and clean benches with unmatched features. Systems are coated with ISOCIDE™ powder which eliminates 99.9% of surface bacteria within 24 hours and Esco’s ULPA filters deliver 10X greater efficiency than an ordinary HEPA filters with longer life and similar replacement costs. Barrier isolator and cabinet interiors utilize a single piece of stainless steel with coved corners enabling the most effective cleaning of the interior surfaces. 

CO2 INCUBATORProtect Your Cells, Protect Your Science.  Esco’s World-Class Quality and Unparalleled Customer Care extend to our CelCulture® CO2 Incubator and Voyager System Monitoring Software. We have applied our market-leading knowledge in laboratory equipment to make the CelCulture® Incubator powerful, capable and cost-efficient. When combined with Voyager, you can be confident that your state-of-the-art incubator is continually operating at peak performance.

LABORATORY FUME HOODS / DUCTLESS FUME HOODS: Unsurpassed Value, Unparalleled Safety. Esco offers world-class Laboratory Fume Hoods and Ductless Fume Hoods to provide maximum safety for laboratory personnel and the lab environment. The design employs precisely tuned aerodynamics designed with computational fluid dynamics to maximize operator safety. The interiors are made of materials for handling the compounds being utilized. Highly effective Nanocarb™ activated filters in the ductless hoods enable the safe recirculation of air directly back into the lab providing a safe, portable and effective solutions versus conventional alternatives. The efficient design of these systems results in high energy efficiency, low cost of operation and market-leading ergonomics help to make operators safe and comfortable while working at the hood.