After Sales Service

Keeping your systems running and minimizing downtime are critical objectives for your lab. Ensuring your satisfaction and productivity are key objectives for Esco. To achieve this, The Company has an extensive network of service engineers across North America ready to assist you. In addition, a key aspect to achieving the most rapid repair time in the industry is to be able to predict lifespans of critical parts, to ensure that an inventory of all critical parts is readily accessible. Esco uses statistical analysis to understand lifespans of systems’ parts and then uses superior logistics and inventory management to stage proper inventories around the world. With our large inventory of parts and systems in our US offices and warehouses, our North American customers can get the parts that they need quickly. The combination of readily available parts and a superior service organization maximizes your lab’s productivity and success.


Online Technical Support

Site preparation instructions installation and start-up manuals, operations manuals and quick reference guides are available from the Esco Library online. Extended hours of support are available using the LiveSupport™ concierge center accessible through the Esco Web site. This enables users to dialogue directly with Esco personnel.


Continuous Quality Control Improvement

Quality control at Esco extends from research and development through engineering, manufacturing, shipment, delivery and customer feedback. By maintaining continuous contact with our customers and tracking system operation via registration and service feedback, we know how Esco systems are being used and how they perform. The data is collected and reviewed to ensure that each system re-design and new system release take into consideration performance and maintenance information which enables us to improve future designs and continue to improve our already impressive “up-time” accomplishment.

Esco systems are individually performance tested for quality and integrity before they are packaged and shipped. Documentation for all performance tests are archived and maintained for customer reference.

Warranty Policy

Esco products come with either a 1 to 5 year limited warranty, depending on the product purchased. Warranties are as follows for Esco products:

Esco's limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. For more information on Esco’s Warranty Policy click here.

Technical Support, Warranty Service Contacts

USA: 1-877-479-3726

Global Email Helpdesk:

Visit to talk to a Live Support Representative

*This limited warranty will cover all factory defects, but not with routine serviceable parts such as the ULPA filter, CO2 sensor, and if equipped, the O2 or humidity sensors. The warranty is not retroactive to units sold prior to January 1 2014.