NEW Esco Animal Containment Workstation Performance Testing White Papers

Nov 19, 2010

NEW Esco Animal Containment Workstation Performance Testing White Papers
Singapore October 27, 2010 -- Esco announces the publication of a series of white papers focused on the performance testing of lab animal research workstations.

The white papers document the outcome of Esco's research into the following topics:
  • Operator and environmental allergen protection study using ELISA analysis
  • Operator protection using the KI-discus containment test method
In the first study, the allergen containment performance of the cabinets was studied using actual mice allergen as challenge aerosol. Actual cage changing and bedding disposal operations were performed to simulate actual workstation use, and allergen concentrations at designated areas were sampled. The allergen concentration was then quantified using sandwich ELISA method, and operator and environment protection of each type of workstation was evaluated.

In the second study, the effectiveness of the Esco Viva® Dual Access Animal Containment Workstation in providing protection to operators was studied. Using operator protection tests conducted on biosafety cabinets as a reference, similar tests are also conducted on this animal handling workstation.

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