Think Green. Go Green. The Green Issue

Nov 03, 2011

Think Green. Go Green. The Green Issue

The earth’s population is increasing exponentially. Natural resources are finite and are fast being depleted. The effects of global warming are hard to ignore. With the increasing awareness of such problems, more and more people are taking the initiative to “Go Green”. Environmental activities such as recycling, energy saving, reducing pollution, saving water, planting trees...are now being practiced by many individuals and communities all over the world. We all want to contribute to preserve the world we live in…but is all this enough? Companies or business establishments may exert most of their efforts on gaining profit but a lot of them are still concerned about leaving the future generation with a higher quality of life. Businesses change how they operate and are assisted by communities or organizations to have the right tools and the right knowledge to help protect the environment.

So, what is Esco's contribution? Esco invests a large percentage of revenues in R&D annually. Many research engineers are evaluating product components and designs for better energy efficiency.

Here are general green features of our products:
• All microprocessor-controlled cabinets with UV lamp feature a programmable timer:
  - Extends UV lamp life
  - Saves energy
• Main body of most products are made of industrial-grade electrogalvanized steel:
  - Long lasting
  - Recyclable
• Sheet metal parts are powder coated in a VOC-free process

Our Green Lab Products:
• Airstream® Class II Biosafety Cabinets
• Ascent® Ductless Fume Hood
• Frontier™ Acela Laboratory Fume Hood
• Lexicon® Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer

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