Train the Trainer Program with Dr. Barbara Johnson

Dec 22, 2011

Train the Trainer Program with Dr. Barbara Johnson

28 November 2011 - Esco held the first Train the Trainer Program at its Singapore headquarters, with the title “Biosafety and Biosafety Cabinet Training” conducted by Dr. Barbara Johnson who is a registered biosafety professional.

Dr. Johnson is a past president of ABSA, past vice president of A-PBA, representative to IFBA and the Co-Editor of the peer review journal Applied Biosafety. Her company, Biosafety Biosecurity International is an approved Facility Certifier by the Singapore Ministry of Health.

The training basically centered on biosafety awareness, safe laboratory practices, and choosing the right equipment and materials for the safety of laboratory personnel. With active discussion and live demonstrations on Biosafety Cabinet and PPE use, attendees from Singapore and overseas greatly benefited from the training, both customers and distributors alike.

Esco helps to ensure that safety is a top priority by continually conducting similar trainings that could potentially save lives when put into practice.