Miri® GA Temperature Validation Unit

  • Constantly validate up to 6 x CO2 / O2 incubators
  • CO2 / O2 incubators Controllable flow rate
  • Monitor up to 6 x PT1000 sensors
  • 6 ports for sequential gas samples
  • Gas feedback returns sampled gas to incubator or exhaust


Model No.

Shipping Dimensions (mm)


Input ports

 Output ports


440 x 430 x 240

15kg (33.1lbs)

6 x PT1000 ports for temperature monitoring

1 x gas feedback port


MRA-1101                      1 pc PT1000 cable

MRA-1102                      Set of 6pcs PT1000 cables

MRA-1103                      1 pc Gas connection tube

MRA-1104                      Set of 6pcs gas connection tubes