Voyager Software


  • Monitoring system performance to protect precious samples
  • Voyager can activate an alarm if a user-defined parameter limit is exceeded and automatically sends email alerts.
  • User programs can be downloaded to multiple Esco instruments for consistent parameters on multiple devices ensuring uniform cell culture conditions.
  • Automatic, continuous monitoring of device parameters (Temp, CO2, RH and O2) to validate instrument performance and assay criteria.
  • Documentation of all alarms with time/date stamp.


  • Remote programming and configuration with easy program development and a simple graphical user interface.
  • Remote Monitoring and Data Logging allows a single researcher to view and graph MULTIPLE device parameters remotely, and save and export log data in various formats.
  • Automatic emailing of log data at user-defined intervals.
  • Download of data logs from equipment memory for permanent records.
  • Easy PC Interface using USB converter and LAN cables.