Frontier® Acid Digestion™


  • Tri-wall construction for maximum robustness.
  • U-PVC or PP internal chamber and exhaust collar ensures superior chemical resistance.
  • Shaping vanes increase airflow "sweep" at the critical sidewall area to improve containment.
  • When the sash is raised above 18 inches, it will automatically and gently fall back to the appropriate level, ensuring operator safety. This is due to Esco’s unique “Creep-down Mechanism”.
  • The sash can be locked by the laboratory manager or safety officer to restrict operations at sash openings above 457mm (18.0") or in the closed position in the event of an emergency or to restrict access.
  • Aerodynamic foil entry provides maximum airflow to "sweep" the critical boundary layer near the work surface level to reduce turbulence and eliminate backflow.


  • Sash is made from polycarbonate to prevent hydrofluoric acid fume etching enhancing visibility.
  • U-PVC or PP internal work zone allows for easy cleaning of all surfaces and removable baffle system allows for thorough cleaning inside the hood.
  • System is designed for easy access plumbing, lighting and electrical components for ease of maintenance
  • Sloped front for user ergonomics and safety
  • Esco offers a variety of options and accessories to meet application requirements.
  • Additional services and electrical outlets.
  • Base cabinetry is available for worktop requirements and additional storage area in the laboratory.