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  • Fully Stainless Steel – SS304L
  • Pre-sterilized, ready-to-use, disposable
  • Low shear stress, foam-free, no O2 limitation
  • Large surface area: pne CelCradle™ bottle has a specific surface area of 15,000 cm2, comparable to 20 – 30 roller bottles.
    Note: Surface area may vary depending on the cell line to be cultured.
  • Compact design: fits in 6ft3 CO2 incubator
  • Controlled by Esco Sentinel Gold
  • Capacity to produce hundreds of milligrams to several grams of secreted proteins or monoclonal antibodies per month in four bottles
  • Few parameters for easy optimization
  • Choice of batch, fed-batch, or perfusion culture modes
  • Scalability by directly multiplying number of bottles used
  • Compatible with most serum-free media
  • Specially treated micro carrier surface to grow most anchorage-dependent cells and allow easy harvest of whole cells, cell components or secreted proteins