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•Can be single-use or multiple-use
•Adherent cell scale-up for up to 5,000 L packed-bed volume (bio-equivalency of 50,000 L in suspension)​
•A 100% media exchange system ideal for continuous bioprocessing
•Separation of the matrix and mixing vessel permits dual temperature control process to produce higher virus titers
•Built-in weighing platform and inhouse mixer
•PLC based monitoring system with simple, intuitive touchscreen runs on Wonderware SCADA
•Can be connected to SCADA systems with DeltaV or Pcs7 controls
•Dual redundant systems for critical components such as PLC and pumps are catered
•Provides an ultra-scale down process and reduces costs by saving on media, labor, space, utilities, and most importantly, eliminates cross-contamination
•Isolator capability
•cGMP references




Consists of 1L, 2L or 5L Matrix Vessel


Consists of 10L Matrix Vessel


Consists of 20L Matrix Vessel


Consists of 100L Matrix Vessel



TideXcell Harvesting System

A closed, automated system used for harvesting cells, viruses, AAV/LVs and more from TideXcell matrix vessels. It applies the conventional cell harvesting method with the use of enzymatic dissociation reagents for detachment of cells from the macroporous carriers.

TideXcell® Mixing System


  • Bearing-less magnetic pump that allows the propeller to float in the middle of the pump head without any wearing during pumping
  • Quick media or liquid heating and mixing. Heating of 500L from room temperature to 37°C takes only 3 to 4 hours. Mixing in 500L takes only 2 minutes to reach homogeneity.​

TideXcell® SCADA System

Simultaneously monitors multi-systems and collects data during operation


  • Provides a high-level process supervisory management and data acquisition
  • Can be used off-line and on-line, and is compatible with portable tablet systems such as iPad
  • Alarm notice will be sent to users through Skype, e-mail,  or other assigned communication systems

Feed Auto Switch System

Allows continuous nutrient supply without interruption. It controls two feeding tanks simultaneously; during feeding, it switches the feeding line from the first tank to the second once the first tank is empty. The alarm light will switch on when one feeding tank has been depleted and will buzz once both feeding tanks are empty.​

Feed/Harvest System​
Triple Feed/Waste System

The Feed/Harvest system is used for batch, perfusion, and 100% media exchange processes. Waste culture media can be harvested on nth day and will pump in fresh​ culture media from the feed tank. 100% media exchange ensures high product cell yield and high viral titers at the end of the cell culture production. The system also allows harvest of 100% conditioned media from stem cell culture; harvesting from the mixer to the harvest tank and fed with 100% culture medium afterwards.​