VacciXcell® Hybrid Bioreactor

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  • Supports adherent culture, suspension culture or fermentation (only one type of culture can be used at a time)
  • Can run in batch, fed-batch, and perfusion modes
  • Automated control of pH, DO, aeration, foaming, temperature, agitation, and level
  • Glass water jacketed vessel heats to 37ºC in just 30 minutes
  • Inoculation and sampling in a closed system
  • Working volume of up to 7 L
  • Accommodates up to 11 g of BioNoc™ II macrocarriers
  • Touch Screen HMI Controller. One touch screen HMI controller can be connected and control up to four (4) utility stations making DOE recording and analysis easier
  • Multiple-use system that can easily transition to CelCradle™ single-use bioreactor