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Esco possesses a wealth of experience in the engineering and design of customized clean air and containment cabinets. These are a few reasons to choose Esco when looking for a partner to solve your demanding application-specific requirements.

  • We do not just sell a product, but a company with more than 200 people working for you to provide unique solutions to your specific requirements
  • Our vertically-integrated manufacturing facilities mean that we can build practically any cabinet design that you can imagine.
  • Sophisticated CAM / CAM capabilities allow us to design, prototype and manufacture new designs quickly and accurately.
  • Unlike other companies, all sheet metal design and production is done in-house at Esco which means products can be modified efficiently (All Esco cabinets can be produced in full stainless steel upon request of the customer.)
  • Our in-house computational fluid dynamics capabilities reduce the need for costly and time-consuming prototyping work
  • Detailed knowledge and advice on all current industry standards and recommended practices
  • Development of application-specific operator software for microprocessor-based cabinet controls
  • Large production volume capacity in our facility to cope with fluctuating demands and large, custom orders with fast-turnaround times
  • Installation, support and after-sales service through our network of distributors and partners in more than 70 countries worldwide
  • Development of customer and application specific product documentation and test protocols
  • Customized user training programs to train your personnel on safe working practices
  • Dedicated product specialists and engineers to provide fast and accurate responses from the initial conceptualization to final execution of your design
  • Initial engineering proposals are submitted free of charge and at no obligation

Possible customizations:

  • Fully custom-made clean-air and containment cabinets (such as the Animal Handling Workstation on this page with hinged windows) upon request.
  • Microscope mounting provisions for Class II cabinets / laminar flow cabinets
  • Labculture® Class II Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet fitted with a pre-filter
  • Stainless steel cabinets for pharmaceutical applications. Both interior workzone
    (of cabinet models with standard transparent sides) and exterior structure (standard model exteriors are powder-coated) of cabinets can be customized in full stainless steel.
  • Lead-shielded Class II Cabinets for work involving radioisotopes. For radiopharmaceutical and nuclear industry usage.
    • Lead shielded glass
    • Lead shielding for the cabinet sides
    • Lead shielding for the cabinet bottom
    • Horizontal sliding lead glass piece
    • The entire back panel of the cabinet may be lead shielded as an option for safety. Not required if the cabinet's back faces a thick concrete wall and there are no personnel working behind the cabinet.
  • Factory-fitted RS232 ports in the workzone for other instruments
  • Laminar flow cabinets with large workzone heights.
  • Custom-made worktops and side panels to suit your applications

Customized Airstream Horizontal Laminar Cabinet Customized Labculture Horizontal Laminar Flow
CabinetCustomized Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet LHC
Full Stainless Steel 
Customized Esco 3ft Airstream Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet with black wooden side panels and worktop for optic lens manufacturing operationsEsco's 6ft Labculture® Horizontal laminar flow cabinet with 3ft opening heightHorizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet LHC Full Stainless Steel with SPC

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