Filtracheck™: The World's first Chemical Evaluation App, now on iOS

Dec 11, 2019

Filtracheck™: The World

Now available in iOS

Esco is proud to be the first in the world to develop and launch an App that is able to evaluate the right ductless fume hood for your laboratory.  This is part of our continuous pursuit to offer the best support to our customers, the Filtracheck™ App.

Before, it takes more than 24 hours, which requires filling out and submitting a Filtracheck™ Assessment Form through our website, to know the correct filters or fume hood model for an application. Now, through Filtracheck™ App, current and potential ductless fume hood users gets real-time advice on the right ductless fume hood model and its estimated filter life.

Esco FiltraCheck™ is supported by our dedicated in-house test laboratory, trained experts on carbon adsorption technology, and external consultants from independent organizations and the world’s leading carbon suppliers. Our in-house computer simulations can be used to estimate carbon adsorption capacity, efficiency and simulate competitive adsorption scenarios where multiple types of chemicals may be used.

Current work is also being done to make this app available for Android users. So watch out!


  • Chemical Calculator recommends the appropriate fume hood model based on your intended application, type of filter to be used and filter life.
  • FAQ offers rich information about Esco ductless fume hoods, maintenance, applications and filter life.
  • Chemical Dictionary contains a database of chemicals and its properties.
  • View Esco Ductless Brochure online through the app.
  • LiveSupport™ feature that allows you to contact us for any inquiries or an Esco office near you.
  • Stay updated with latest updates from Esco for new products and developments.

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