Green and Safe: Airstream® Biosafety Cabinets

Jan 25, 2015

Green and Safe: Airstream® Biosafety Cabinets


Introducing the next-generation Airstream® Biological Safety Cabinets, designed to be world’s leading green biosafety cabinets that provides the ultimate user and product safety.

Airstream® NS Biological Safety Cabinet

Microprocessor Control and Airflow Monitoring

Airstream® Reliant Biological Safety Cabinet

with Simple Switches, UV Timer, and Pressure Gauge


Combining the latest generation ECM blowers and advanced design, Esco Airstream is one of the most energy efficient biosafety cabinets in the world, with the comparison below:



This environmentally responsible design translates into smaller CO2 footprint that can help you attain LEED building certification, and saves money at the same time.



Aside from being environmentally friendly, Airstream cabinets were designed to provide the ultimate safety, using active and passive protection system.


As active protection, the airflow geometry was designed to give a wide performance envelope to protect the user and product, in the unlikely event of inflow and downflow imbalance due to uneven particle loading:



Airstream cabinets actively maintain stable airflow, despite building voltage fluctuations to ensure stable protection.



Airstream cabinets come standard with ULPA filters that actively give 10x better filtration efficiency compared to traditional HEPA filters. These cabinets were NSF-listed with ULPA filters, at no extra cost.



Airstream biosafety cabinets have unique ISOCIDE™ antimicrobial coating, that kills bacteria and fungi upon contact, to reduce the bio-burden and enhance safety.


Esco Airstream is one of the most comfortable biosafety cabinets in the market with raised arm rest, 57.5 dBA quiet noise, easy-to-reach controller, sloped front, and easy-to-clean work zone.


Esco biosafety cabinets are manufactured under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, advanced manufacturing facility akin to automotive factory, using computer-controlled laser cutting, robotic welding, conveyor-belt powder coating, and dedicated assembly lines, to deliver high-quality cabinets on time.




As one of the world's largest manufacturers of laminar flow and biosafety cabinets, Esco products are installed and have been used for many years in numerous facilities.


At the time of this publishing, 40 units of Airstream Biosafety Cabinets are being installed at University of Mississippi at Oxford, 21 units were ordered by University of Kentucky at Richmond, and many more to come.


Join the latest global trend of safe and energy efficient advanced biosafety cabinets with Esco, throughout our US and global network.



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