Understanding Work-Related Asthma

Jul 27, 2017

Understanding Work-Related Asthma

One in 10 cases of asthma in adults (both new asthma symptoms and childhood asthma symptoms returning) is caused by work-related factors.



The most common type of occupational asthma is triggered by allergens in the workplace. These allergens are called 'respiratory sensitisers' because they can make changes in your airways, making them 'hypersensitive'.

Allergic Occupational Asthma


Irritant-induced Occupational Asthma  


Happens when inhaled chemicals irritate lung airways and cause asthma symptoms.


Early Warning Signs

Itching, sneezing or a runny nose
These symptoms are early signs of  a developing allergy.


Shortness of breath, cough, chest tightness and wheeze
These symptoms are typical in a developing allergy as allergens are also breathed into the lungs where they can cause irritation.

What Employers Can Do