Labculture® Reverse Horizontal Flow Cabinets

Labculture® Reverse Horizontal Flow Cabinets
  • Accurate true airflow velocity sensing technology, measures all critical cabinet airflow parameters allowing superior monitoring. Temperature compensated sensors ensure increased accuracy.
  • The ergonomically designed work surface with a curved front edge is designed for maximum operator comfort.
  • Spillage-retention work surface with recessed central area.
  • The cabinet interior is constructed of stainless steel, making the work zone easy to clean.
  • High quality ULPA filters, utilizing an improved minipleated separation technique to maximize surface area.
  • The intelligent blower system maintains airflow as the filter becomes loaded, ensuring optimum efficiency and product protection.
  • Reverse horizontal airflow.

Esco offers a variety of options and accessories to meet local applications. Contact Esco or your local Sales Representative for ordering information.

  • Support stands
  • Germicidal UV lamp
  • UV lamp interlock kit
  • Transparent front cover for UV protection
  • Electrical socket outlets
  • Service fixtures
  • Ajustable height lab chair
  • Ergonomic foot rest
  • Armrest with PVC padding