LFC Videos

Why do you need Laminar Flow Clean Bench (LFC)?

The importance of having a reliable laminar flow cabinet.


Airstream® Laminar Flow Cabinets Certification Tests

A quick look at the various certification tests that Airstream® cabinets have passed.


Some Tips While Working in Laminar Flow Cabinet

Tips on achieving a healthy working condition while using a laminar flow cabinet.


Proper location to place Laminar Clean Bench

Things to consider when choosing the location of your laminar flow cabinet.


Do's and Don’ts when using Laminar Flow

Maximize the features of your laminar flow cabinet by following these tips.


Laminar Flow Ergonomics

Airstream® Laminar flow cabinet ergonomic features


Know where your contaminants come from

Some of the common sources of contamination in the laboratory and tips on how to avoid them.


Laminar Flow Cabinet Trivia

A blast from the past of laminar flow cabinets.