Esco BSCs boosting cancer drug development at Mirati Therapeutics San Diego, USA

Esco BSCs boosting cancer drug development at Mirati Therapeutics San Diego, USA

Mirati Therapeutics is a targeted oncology company developing an advanced pipeline of breakthrough medicines for precisely defined patient populations.

Mirati’s approach combines the three most important factors in oncology drug development – drug candidates with a spectrum of complementary and compelling targets, creative and agile clinical development, and a highly accomplished precision medicine leadership team. The Mirati team is using its proven blueprint for developing targeted oncology medicines to advance and maximize the value of its pipeline of drug candidates.

The advancement of genomics provides a new level of understanding of the molecular basis of cancer progression and opens the door to developing drugs that deliver superior outcomes for select patient populations.

Mirati is applying insights resulting from advances in genomics to develop drugs that precisely target pathways that act as cancer drivers and, in some cases, mechanisms of resistance to other targeted therapies, all while reducing side effects. This genomic approach represents a quantum change from traditional drug development and cancer treatment which focuses on tumor type and histology as opposed to molecular drivers of cancer. This cutting edge research is performed using Esco Labculture® Reliant Biosafety Cabinets.

The Labculture® Reliant biosafety cabinets use the latest generation ECM blowers to substantially reduce the energy consumption to 1/3 of conventional AC blowers. Additionally, they provide stable airflow that is immune from building voltage fluctuation and filter loading, to protect the user and precious oncology drugs that are being researched by Mirati.

The cabinets has easy-to-use simple switches that are user-friendly, and unique built-in, easily adjustable UV timer that turns off the UV lamp after sufficient exposure that typically takes 1-2 hour, instead of having it turned on the whole night. This extends the UV lamp life to more than a year, and provides hassle-free cabinets that let Mirati researchers to focus on their genomic work and discover new cancer drugs.