Time Lapse Imaging and Morphokinetics Parameters

Esco Miri TL is a continous monitoring system of embryo development through multiple, detailed image acquisition without compromising embryo culture condition. Traditional morphological assessment on embryo is limited to daily views at fixed time points and embryologist could potentially lose information during embryo development.


Time lapse imaging system whichintegrated into bench top incubators provide:

  1. Un-interrupted culture condition with separate heating chambers. Temperature and pH are crucial parameters for an optimal culture condition
  2. Identification of anomalies
  3. Multiple, detailed time lapse images of embryos
  4. Data for precise timing of a specific event through annotation procedures
  5. Improvement of documentation procedures
  6. Develop criteria’s for selection/de-selection and transferring most viable embryo(s)


Morphokinetics parameters are important information for embryologist to decide the most viable embryo(s) for transfer. Some of these include:

  1. PN formation. Assessment of appearance or fading of pronuclei. Time-lapse is able to improve assessment accuracy by knowing the exact timing of the events.
  2. Cell cleavage. Observe normal or abnormal cleavage pattern or cleavage rate.
  3. Symmetry. Embryo symmetrical shape during embryo development
  4. Fragmentation. Reabsorption of fragmentation only being discovered after time lapse being introduced.
  5. Multinucleation of the embryo          
  6. Cell compaction rate and exact timing of event occurred.