Aeris™ Aeris Thermal Cycler

Aeris™ Aeris Thermal Cycler

Humanistic Design

  • The Peltier module, electronics, and sensors are precision tuned and tested to ensure the longest operating lifespan possible.
  • Pre-programmed methods provide easy choice.
  • Large memory stores up to 250 individual methods in equipment, with unlimited methods on USB memory stick or PC.
  • Multiblock capability with automatic block recognition software minimizes the need for manual settings.
  • Automatic restart saves set points and resumes process in the event of power interruption.
  • Password protection guarantees secure system access.


  • Adjustable hot lid temperature and ramp rate.
  • Powerful software that meets a variety of experimental requirements, such as Touchdown PCR, time release PCR, In Situ PCR, and others.
  • PC management software that allows you to control up to 30 Aeris™ thermal cyclers via one PC.
  • Industry-leading warranty for peace of mind.

Advantages of the Aeris Thermal Cycler Over Esco 1st- and 2nd-Generation PCR:

More Efficient

  • Best uniformity (≤0.2°C) and accuracy (≤0.1°C) ensure reliability and excellent performance.
  • With the intuitive color touch screen, program setting becomes easier and faster with available functions to define different applications.
  • Self-testing provides more detailed information, like different sensors and heating and cooling status. This ensures reliable performance will be achieved before the actual run in 3 minutes.
  • Shortcuts can store regular programs, which can speed up the setting time.

Better Performance

  • Allows running of ‘Long PCR,’ a new technique that applies to amplification of PCR. It is also able to run ‘Nested PCR,’ which allows users to have two pairs of PCR primers to reduce the contamination in products due to the amplification of unexpected primer binding sites.
  • Temperature uniformity of ±0.1°C.
  • ‘Pause’ function with timer can easily be set manually.
  • Suitable for many series of reagents and consumables, which can simplify experiments.


  • Three language choices (English, Chinese and Spanish) on the control system for ease of use by operators worldwide.
  • Adjustable backlight for operator comfort, making it suitable for different working environments.
  • User log can store information for up to 20 experiments, which includes time and date, duration, program resuming time, power interruption, and program status. End users can make sure the test result is valid before doing the end point analysis.
Model Code


Block Code AERIS-BG096 AERIS-B4830 AERIS-BG384 AERIS-BD048 AERIS-B4076
Sample Capacity 96 X 0.2 ml 48 x 0.2 ml
+ 30 x 0.5 ml
384 wells 48 x 0.2 ml
+ 48 x 0.2 ml
4 slides in situ
Application Consumables 0.2 ml tubes
12 x 8 strips
8 x 12 strips
0.2 ml tubes
0.5 ml tubes
4 x 12 strips
384-well microplates 0.2 ml tubes
6 x 8 strips
4 slides in situ
Max. Heating rate 4.0ºC/sec 2.8ºC/sec 2.8ºC/sec 4.0ºC/sec 1.8ºC/sec
Max. Cooling rate 4.0ºC/sec 2.8ºC/sec 2.8ºC/sec 4.0ºC/sec 1.8ºC/sec
Gradient Capability Yes - Yes - -
Gradient Range 30-105°C - 30-105°C - -
Maximum Gradient 1-30°Cmode - 1-30°C - -
Temperature Control Mode

Tube or Block

Temperature Range


Over-temperature Cut-Out


Number of Programs

Up to 250 programs, unlimited with USB flash drive

Maximum Hold Time

59 mins and 59 secs

Temperature Accuracy

≤±0.1ºC below 50ºC

Temperature Uniformity


PCR Volume Range

10-100 μl

Tm Calculator


Extensive Experiment Application

Option setting for time up/down is between 0-9m59s, which is suitable for long PCR Temperature when up/down is between 0.1ºC to 9.9ºC, it is suitable for Touchdown PCR

Auto Re-start On Power Failure


Connection to PC Control




Pre-Run Sample Cooling

Yes, 4ºC


English, Chinese, Spanish




6.5“Color LCD Touch Screen


306 x 386 x 295 mm(12“ x 15“ x 11.6“)


10 kg


100-240 V 50-60 Hz