Esco Frontier FM Floor Mounted Fume Hood Custom Request Form

The key to a successful Esco New Equipment purchase is to have our engineers initiate the project in the right direction. This happens with the Custom Request Form or Project Questionnaire.

The questions that are asked on the form are critical aspects for all applications. You can help Esco by being prepared to answer the questions on the form. With all the information your proposal, purchase, delivery and installation of your new Esco equipment will be more timely and accurate because of the care taken to start on the right foot.

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Section I: About Your Company
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Section II: Hood Superstructure
Please describe your application.
  4' / 1220mm
  5' / 1525mm
  6' / 1830mm
  8' / 2440mm
  Custom, specify :
  38" / 965mm
  44" / 1118mm
  Custom, specify :
* Subtract Approx 8" to Obtain Internal Depth
  Esco Standard: 84" / 2134mm
  Custom, specify :
  Vertical (Recomended for Hoods Up to 6')
  Horizontal (Recomended for Hoods 6' and Wider)
  Custom (Describe Requirements):
  Esco Resinate (Standard)
  Esco Resinate Plus (Meets NFPA/ASTM E84/UL Flame Spread Requirements)
  High Acidid and/or Heat Loads, Describe Your Application:
Section III: Services
(For Outlet Type Matching)
Quantity of DUPLEX Outlets Required:
* Up to 4 Duplex Outlets (Total 8 Outlets) Per Hood
Amps Required Per Outlet:
State Type of Fixture for Each Location or Leave Blank if Not Required
LHS1 Fixture:
LHS2 Fixture:
LHS3 Fixture:
LHS4 Fixture:
RHS1 Fixture:
RHS2 Fixture:
RHS3 Fixture:
RHS4 Fixture:
 Yes, Factory Installed
  Yes, Field Installed
  Not Required
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