Esco Products Helping to Enable Cutting-Edge Research at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA.

Esco Products Helping to Enable Cutting-Edge Research at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA.

In early 2010, the University of Massachusetts broke ground on their new life science research building. Research teams were brought together forming “clusters” enabling direct interaction with other disciplines in collaborative research programs.  The high performance building design incorporates many environmentally friendly and energy saving green techniques, all designed to create a state of the art research center. 

With the newest product developments available, Esco Technologies is proud to be one of the providers of equipment to the new facility.

The first set of researchers moved into the building earlier in 2013.  Within the center, Esco has installed biosafety cabinets (both A2 and B2 types), animal transfer stations as well as other airflow products.  The new motors and other product improvements in cabinet design offer the customer the quietest, energy efficient and ergonomically friendly products available.

As an example, the laboratory of Kathleen Arcaro from the veterinary and animal science department has two - type “-A2” biosafety cabinets installed in their laboratory.  With a broad interest in Environmental Toxicology, their research focuses on the role that an estrogen receptor plays in the development of breast cancer.  Specifically the 10 members of the laboratory are examining the role that dietary compounds may inhibit the receptor in the estrogen pathway.  Eva Brown, researcher in the Arcaro lab is very pleased with the Esco biosafety cabinets. They are very high quality.  They were professionally installed and serviced by a very talented team.  “We are extremely pleased with the ease of use and reliability that these cabinets provide.”  Eva continues, “In addition the units are extremely quiet and when you are working in a hood for any period of time this is quite a benefit to the scientist.”

Esco is proud to be a strong partner to the University of Massachusetts by providing state-of-the-art products designed to meet and exceed the high standards of energy efficiency, safety, ergonomic design and environmental impact demanded of researchers today.