Esco wins order from Hark Orchids USA

Esco wins order from Hark Orchids USA

Esco has been awarded the contract to supply Hark Orchids USA a total of 60 units of 4ft. customized horizontal laminar flow cabinets beating fierce competition from US and German manufacturers.

These cabinets was delivered and installed by Esco Technologies, Inc. at Hark’s state-of-the-art orchid propagation and cultivation facility in Kalamazoo, Michigan. This is the first overseas facility of Hark Orchids which is trying to break into the fast growing US market.

Hark Orchideen was founded in 1904 as a small family gardening business with a small laboratory which later evolved to a specialized orchid laboratory. Currently, hark is headquartered in Germany with some 333 laminar flow clean benches being used in their five stateof-the-art laboratories. Mass production of orchids is achieved through in vitro propagation using meristems also known as clones. In vitro propagation involves placing plant cuttings on a culture medium under sterile conditions. Over the years, Hark has developed a tested and proven set of procedures to provide the highest level of quality and yield.

Superior work zone sterility, high equipment reliability and ability to build in unique features in the cabinets are the key factors of Hark’s election of Esco Laminar Flow Cabinets. The unique selling features of Esco products such as the ULPA filter, energy efficient DC-ECM blower, quiet work space, and ISOCIDE™ antimicrobial coating were also emphasized. Hark was also impressed with Esco’s ability to integrate components such as glass bead sterilizers, plastic wrap holders, bar code scanners, side tables and drawers. These factors combined convinced Hark to award Esco with the order even though the price proposal was higher than that of the competitors.

With intense competition in the US, this win proves that Esco has the right formula to succeed in almost any country in the world.