Thad Cochran National Center in Mississippi installed with 40 units of Esco BSCs

Thad Cochran National Center in Mississippi installed with 40 units of Esco BSCs

Thad Cochran National Center for Natural Products Research and Airstream® Biological Safety Cabinet

Natural Products, primarily plant derivatives, are considered as the foundation of modern medical practice and the keystone of biomedical research including present-day pharmaceutical products. Since it is an exciting time to be a part of drug development, the research center aims to discover and progress in potential drugs and agrochemicals derived from natural products, increase research on medicinal plants, produce and process pharmaceutical actives or develop alternative crops and understand characterization of botanical products as dietary supplements.

To meet their goals and mission, they must have a reliable laboratory equipment that offers operator, product and environment protection. They made the right choice by choosing Esco’s Labculture® Class II, Type B2 and Airstream® Class II Type A2 Biosafety cabinets. Thirty-eight units of Labculture® and 2 units of Airstream® were purchased and installed in the research center. Both are designed with energy efficiency, robustness, comfort and ergonomics and are NSF certified.

The cabinets are equipped with Ultra Low Penetration Air filters which operate at a typical efficiency of 99.999%, these surpass the conventional HEPA filters in contamination protection.

These biosafety cabinets have built-in DC ECM blower that provides stable airflow despite building voltage fluctuation and increased filter loading. Both cabinets have ergonomically angled front which improves reach and prevents ceiling lamp operation.

Additionally, Esco cabinets are coated with ISOCIDE™ which prevents surface contamination and microbial growth. The ergonomic design also provides optimum comfort for the operator. The easy to clean coved one-piece work surface contains spillage and angled drain pan with smooth polished corners. The absence of screws or connectors in work zone facilitates ease of cleaning and decontamination. Cabinets are equipped with easy-to-use pressure gauge and UV light. Also, the cabinets function at ~57.5 dBA that provides a comfortable working environment for the operator.