University of California at Riverside Stem Cell Core utilizing Esco BSCs since 2009

University of California at Riverside Stem Cell Core utilizing Esco BSCs since 2009

A stem cell is a very special cell that can get orders to change into different kinds of cells.  They can change into many kinds of cells such as muscle, blood (bone marrow), nervous tissue, bone, cartilage and skin cells.  The UC Riverside Stem Cell Center advances the stem cell field by fostering basic and translational research and engaging in education and outreach.

Research at the Center focuses on understanding the basic mechanisms that control stem cell function and deciphering how the tremendous potential of stem cells can be used to improve human health. Researchers at the Center have expertise in many different fields including developmental biology, cancer biology, endocrinology, aging, nanotechnology, neuroscience and bioengineering.

The Center trains the next generation of stem cell scientists and prepares them to be leaders in the health sciences. It provides community outreach to organizations in Southern California interested in learning more about stem cell biology.

Both the Esco Labculture® and Labculture® Reliant biosafety cabinets are utilized in this stem cell research facility. Installed in 2009, these cabinets are used every day for the last 5 years, and are still performing well.

The larger Labculture® cabinet is used where larger work space is needed, while the compact size Labculture® Reliant fits the corner with reduced ceiling height, allowing the researchers to have another biosafety in the room.

The user appreciates the ergonomic arm rest that reduces fatigue, angled sash that prevents reflection from ceiling lights, and easy-to-clean work surface that prevents contaminants from hiding.