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GO GREEN! Choose Esco's Biosafety Cabinet!
GO GREEN! Choose Esco's Biosafety Cabinet!

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  • Customer Alliance: Esco works with its customers to deliver the right product for their needs including customized solutions as required.
  • Progressive and Innovative: Esco is dedicated to continuous laboratory and pharmaceutical equipment improvement based on market needs.
  • Market Focus: Esco focuses exclusively on Laboratory and Pharmaceutical Equipment giving them insight that others lack.

Esco, an industry leader and progressive developer of advanced laboratory and pharmaceutical equipment, ensures a positive customer experience by maintaining a collaborative alliance with its customers. The company's adaptability, passionate attention to its customers and dedication to innovation enable Esco to respond to market needs rapidly and effectively keeping them ahead of their competitors with features and capabilities that users need.  


  • Quality AND Value:  Esco Systems Possess Superior Features at Highly Competitive Price-Points, a truly unique combination.
  • Market Leader: More than 80,000 systems have been sold in 100 countries including the U.S. and Canada.
  • Proven Quality: Decades-long track record of providing reliable and robust systems.

Esco has been producing the highest quality laboratory and pharmaceutical products in the industry at remarkably competitive price points for more than three decades. This value-added approach delivers more features than comparably priced systems provided by competitors. An established market leader with more than 80,000 systems sold in over 100 countries, their world-class, time-tested quality is backed by outstanding sales, support and service in North America.

Customer Spotlight

Esco Biosafety Equipment Boosted Cancer Research in Sanofi-Aventis at Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Esco Biosafety Equipment Boosted Cancer Research...

Sanofi-Aventis opened a new research and development facility in 640 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA, where 250 investigators and support staffers will focus on research in cancer biology, biochemistry and bioanalytics, chemical genetics and proteomics, and pharmacology. The new facility integrates the greater Boston workforce of Sanofi and its Genzyme biotech...read more

Esco Products Helping to Enable Cutting-Edge Research at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA.
Esco Products Helping to Enable Cutting-Edge...

In early 2010, the University of Massachusetts broke ground on their new life science research building. Research teams were brought together forming “clusters” enabling direct interaction with other disciplines in collaborative research programs.  The high performance building design incorporates many environmentally friendly and energy saving green...read more

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