CelCulture® CO2 Incubators

VivoCell™ Precise Temperature, CO₂ Control and High Humidity

  • Best uniformity and control among competition
  • Fast CO₂, temperature and humidity recovery without overshoot
  • Direct heat design for rapid recovery, with 8 heater grouped into 3 zones
  • Air jacket provides isolation against ambient temperature fluctuations
  • VentiFlow™ forced convection accelerates recovery of chamber air to ISO Class 5 Cleanliness after door closing to prevent contamination
  • Filtered air circulates across water pan to accelerate humidifying process
  • Air flows gently around culture plates, causing no disturbance to cell culture
  • Blower automatically stops when door is opened, to minimize mixing of chamber and room air

Contamination Control System Provides Seamless Protection

  • SteriSafe™ ULPA filtration enables the chamber air to be maintained at ISO class 5 condition.
  • SwiftCon™ 90˚C validated moist heat decontamination cycle operates overnight to eradicate any contamination in the unlikely event it occurs. At the end of the cycle, the chamber is dry and ready to use. Note: For CCL-50L units, further wipe down of the chamber is needed since it has no decon pump and condensation will normally occur after the decontamination cycle.
  • All input gases are filtered by in-line filters before they enter the chamber to remove impurities and contaminants.
  • The incubator’s main body is made from electro-galvanized steel with Esco’s unique ISOCIDE™ antimicrobial coating.
  • The interior of the chamber is made from stainless steel type 304.

User-Friendly Software Interface

  • Comprehensive user-configurable alarms for all the parameters.
  • CelAlert™ alarm system reminds user to replace CO₂ tank and ULPA filter.
  • Intelligent data and event logger records all incubator parameters for on-screen recall.
  • 2 MB built-in flash memory guarantees long term storage of data.
  • Diagnostic interface and online quick help provide comprehensive solutions to frequently encountered problems.
  • RS485 data output


  • Chamber is made of shiny stainless steel chamber with all rounded corners.
  • Ductwork, plenums and shelves are removable without tools.
  • Glass door is removable without tools.
  • Inner gasket removable without tools.


  • Diagnostic functions in the microprocessor include historical read-out of the parameters.
  • Service can be carried out from the top/front
  • Esco electronics and sensors have been expertly designed and paired to be inherently drift-free, to minimize need for calibration

CelCulture® CO₂ Incubator, 170L, IR Sensor, CO₂ Control, ULPA, High Temp Decon, 115VAC, 50/60HZ

CelCulture® CO₂ Incubator, 170L, IR Sensor, CO₂ Control, O₂ Control ULPA, Moist Heat Decon, 115VAC, 50/60HZ


  • COA-1001 : Humidity Display, Factory Installed
  • COA-1001-F : Humidity Display, Field-Installed Kit
  • COA-1002 : CO₂ Backup (Tank Switcher), Factory Installed
  • COA-1002-F : CO₂ Backup (Tank Switcher), Field Installed
  • COA-1004 : Reversed Door Swing, Factory Installed
  • COA-1005 : Analog Outputs, Factory Installed
  • COA-1005-F : Analog Outputs, Field Installed
  • COA-1006 : Sealed Inner Door Kit  for 170 L (4 Glass Doors With Latches), Factory Installed
  • COA-1006-F : Sealed Inner Door Kit (4 Glass Doors With Latches), Field Installed
  • COA-1007 : N₂ Backup (Tank Switcher), Factory Installed
  • COA-1007-F : N₂ Backup (Tank Switcher), Factory Installed


  • COA-2001-F : Roller Base (170 L)
  • COA-2002-F : Floor Stand 200 mm (8.0") With Adjustable Feet (170 L)
  • COA-2003-F : Floor Stand 700 mm (27.6") With Casters (170 L)
  • COA-2005-F : 2-Stage Gas Regulator for CO₂/N₂
    • Choose One of The Connectors Below:
    • 1080588 - CGA 320 Connector (US Standard)
    • 1080589 - BP-BS34-#8-NT4 Connector (British Standard)
    • 1080590 - G5/8-RH Connector (China Standard)
  • COA-2007-F : Extra Shelf (170 L, Stainless Steel)
  • COA-2008-F : Stacking Kit (One Set Included With Every Unit Purchased)
  • COA-2010-F : Electronic CO₂ Analyzer, For CO₂/O₂ Temp Measurement (With Temp. Probe)
  • COA-2016-F : Electronic CO₂ + O₂ Analyzer, For CO₂/O₂ Temp Measurement (With Temp. Probe)
  • COA-2017-F : Electronic CO₂ + O₂ + RH Analyzer, For CO₂/O₂/RH/Temp Measurement (With Temp. Probe)
  • COA-2011-F : IQ/OQ Documentation
  • COA-2012-F : 6" Chart Recorder, Temp, 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • COA-2013-F : 8" Chart Recorder, Temp/Temp, 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • COA-2014-F : 6" Chart Recorder, Temp/RH, 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • COA-2015-F : Inner Door Shelving Kit (4 Sets With Total 12 Mini Shelves For One Incubator)
  • COA-2027-F : Extra Shelf (170 L, Solid Copper)
  • 5250001 : Voyager® Software Kit